Figuring Out Vasectomies

Smart Advice on How to Do a Safe Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy is used a safe and effective birth-control method which was normally designed to be permanent. The fate of the future, however, is very unpredictable, and the unexpected can crop in a family making them opt to bear another child. When this happens, you and your marriage partner will be forced to look at options that are available so as to decide whether vasectomy reversal is the right alternative for you.

If you agree with your partner that reversal vasectomy will be very appropriate for your, it is advisable for you to evaluate the safety and success of the operation. This publication has made an in-depth scan of various considerations if you opt to do a reverse vasectomy.

The duration which you have taken from the time you had your first vasectomy is one thing to consider. Medic reports have shown that vasectomy reversal procedure which was conducted shortly after the initial vasectomy operation were more successful than those that have a longer period. An expert will obviously tell you that time lapse between the vasectomy and reversal sometimes results in formation of scar tissue that blocks the sperms from flowing through the vas deference. Besides this, man’s body can develop antibodies that inhibit or reduce the production of sperms. If there is too much of these antibodies accumulation, the success of the vasectomy reversal will be very limited. Ideally, to ensure best vasectomy reversal results, the procedure should be conducted within six years.
The Key Elements of Great Vasectomies

The next factor to evaluate is vasectomy reversal method to be employed where they are of two kinds; vasovasostomy where the vasectomy reversal doctor rejoins severed ends of the vas deference, and the other one is called the vasoepididymostomy where the vas deference is connected to the severed ends of the tube attached to the testicles where maturation of sperms takes place. The determinant of the two vasectomy reverse procedure depends on the extent of the damage of the vas deference.
Looking On The Bright Side of Services

Be very careful too on the type of the surgery services that you are going to employ. You should know that this type of procedure is highly complex. Reverse vasectomy procedures are supposed to be carried out by a seasoned, trained and certified urologist in reversal surgeries to increase chances of the success of the operation. Vasectomy reversal operations are not normally covered by the insurance, and therefore you should consider the additional cost of employing services of an experienced urologist to perform the procedure. You may be enticed by cheap reverse vasectomy charges from some of the unseasoned doctors, but you should know that this is a complex operation which requires experienced and certified urologist to increase chances of its success.