Three Billion Searches Done on the Google Site Search Each Day

Keywords are extremely important. Keywords lead potential customers to well written content on websites they’ll actually take time to read. Just about everyone has typed a search word in a search box. On a google search, it immediately takes the individual to what they’re looking for. It’s also amazing how one person can type in a word and see thousands of other people have searched for the same word, or exact groups of words. Putting quotations around words or phrases will pull in phrases of just those words, making it very easy for the user to find.

For instance, if a person goes to and does a search, they’re going to see how many other searches were done on those words. According to Wikipedia, more than three billion searches are performed by individuals on each day. People look up certain types and sizes of shoes, various birds, plus the sounds they make, can be found. When they’re looking for a business, such as which landscaper in their area installs pavers, all they have to do is type “landscaping” or “pavers” in the Google search box.

It’s no wonder Google has such high stock values. People can find answers to what the weather was like 50 years ago, and where an old boss they worked for twenty years ago is buried just by looking up his name and putting “obituary” behind the name. All they have to know how to do is type their question into a google site search box.

Online businesses can also make excellent use of Google analytics. Once it’s set up, they’ll be able to find out how many visitors went to their website, and how long they stayed on the site. Every website should be easy to navigate, simply because everyone is in a hurry. If it takes too long to load, they’ll move on to another site that loads faster, and that company will gain a customer.

Every website should be attractive and have excellent content written, without mistakes, for an individual to read. The viewer shouldn’t have to scroll down the page to find the content of the website. Today, there are many choices for every webmaster to incorporate into a business website. Websites should have a search box, beautiful colors, good content, be quick loading, and easy to maneuver.